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Feed & Worming Advice

Words by Redpost Admin on 14/04/2015 16:38:49

Horse Feeds at Redpost Equestrian


With increased research and development the feeding of animals has become more sophisticated. Whilst this has huge advantages for the animals health, it can make the process a lot more complicated than it once was. You will hear (or remember) the days when horses were often just fed forage and bought a bag of oats. Things are now a little different (although this option is still available!). You now have many varieties of specific feeds that help with particular needs such as Conditioning/Weight Gain, Competition/Energy, and Senior Horses as well as many others. These often come in several forms such as chaffs, straights and hard feeds. Then there is the array of supplements, feed balancers, and many other extras to choose from. This is where we can help…


We are available in store to help with queries regarding feeding of your horse or animals. Every member of the team cares for horses of their own and will often have direct experience of the product in question. The team will first ask questions to understand your requirements and can then recommend a feeding diet based on your needs. We also recommend contacting the manufactures if you have specific questions regarding their feeds.


We are also trained and certified to sell horse, pet and poultry wormers.

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