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The Gold Egg Hunt

   Words by Redpost Admin

   on 13/04/2019 09:59:00

The Gold Egg Hunt

This Competition has now ended

The First Egg

The first Golden Easter Egg has been found! Huge Congratulations to Susie.G who discovered the Golden Easter Egg at 7am on Tuesday 16th April. Suzie has won the competition prize the Golden Egg was hidden on. This was the Rambo Summer Series Turnout Rug.

The Second Egg

The second Golden Easter Egg has been found! Huge Congratulations to Lorna.W who has found the Golden Easter Egg this afternoon. The Golden Egg was hidden on the Dublin Prime Navy Breeches, which Lorna has won!

The Rules

  1. The egg will be hidden on a single product page on the Redpost Equestrian website
  2. If you find the egg simply copy the URL of that product page and email it to competitions@redpostequestrian.co.uk
  3. The first email we receive with the correct URL will be the winner

This is not a random draw, it is a race!

The egg must be found by midnight Friday 19th April.


Keep an eye on our Facebook Page where we will share clues throughout the week. Don’t wait for the clues though, the egg is out there to be found now!

Terms & Conditions

  • Only one email may be sent per person (there is only 1 winning golden egg on the website so only one email should be necessary)
  • Only one URL (link) should be in the email. If there are multiple then the entry will not be counted
  • As soon as the first person finds the egg the competition will end and we will announce it on Facebook
  • The winning email may not be responded to immediately. In the event of multiple correct entries being received the winner will be the first email found in our inbox

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