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Tried & Tested - Euro-Star Breeches

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   on 26/06/2019 15:29:00

The euro-star philosophy is to create breeches that complement every female’s body shape with maximum comfort and the best fit, creating the perfect silhouette in the saddle. Tailor-made in Europe, they use advanced performance fabrics to answer all rider’s needs during training and competition, providing the highest level of comfort in every weather condition and climate.

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Euro-Star Breeches

Reviewer: Ben

Product: Euro-Star Camillo Knee Patch Mens Breeches

There is often less choice for men when it comes to riding wear, as the customer based is so heavily dominated by women. However, in recent years brands have worked hard to develop some top quality pieces for men and the range to choose from has gone from strength to strength. For me, if I find something I like wearing, particularly breeches, I will buy that brand/style again and again. I have now been using these breeches (my first pair of Euro-Star breeches) for several months and they have become my "go to" breeches. Having started by wearing the "Titanium" colour at home I liked them so much I have now also got a "White" pair for competing in. I used to only buy a pleated breech, but the cut and stretch fabric of these breeches has made me re-assess this self imposed strict rule for buying breeches. Even without pleats they are the most comfortable breech I have worn. They are more close fitting than my previous breeches but this is where the fantastic 4-way stretch fabric helps again. I would normally be conscious of a close fitting breech looking like tights, but these breeches find a happy medium. The water-resistance of the material has also been handy when riding in light showers. The final seal of approval came from my wife who (among others) says they look good!

What is your favourite feature on the Camillo Knee Patch Mens Breeches?

The 4-Way Stretch.

When are you most likely to use these Breeches?

For everyday riding. I also have a White pair for competing. The breeches are quite lightweight so are best used Spring-Autumn.

Is this Breech good value for money?

Yes. Some of the high end breeches have become really expensive. I think the price point of these breeches is right for the technical features.

Would you recommend this Breech?

Yes. I am always resistant to clothes shopping. So to find these breeches will save trawling the rails and trying on various styles in the future. Euro-Star have said that they have spent a lot of time perfecting their breech range and with these it clearly shows. I am a Euro-Star convert and would recommend others try them for yourselves.

Euro-Star Camillo Knee Patch Mens Breeches Euro-Star Camillo Knee Patch Mens Breeches


Reviewer: Lydia

Product: Euro-Star Universe Full Grip Ladies Breeches

Before even trying on these breeches, you can see how incredibly comfortable they are going to be! The material looks stretchy yet supportive, the pull-on thick waist band looks as if it would sit nice and firm without digging into you with no nasty buttons or clips getting in the way. After trying these breeches on, I can confirm all the above plus more!

What is your favourite feature on the Universe Full Grip Ladies Breeches?

I’d say my favourite aspect of these breeches has to be the comfortable yet stylish design. The thickness and stretchiness of the material is a perfect balance. It is thin and elasticated enough to avoid restricting movement, yet still firm enough to support and hold in any unwanted lumps and bumps. This gives a very sleek and flattering appearance on the figure! The pull on thick waistband also means there’s no uncomfortable clips or zips digging into you whilst you ride.

When are you most likely to use these Breeches?

These breeches are a brilliant all-rounder to wear whenever you like! From yard duties, everyday riding, to low key competition. These breeches have just the right amount of colour and branding on them without being too exuberant, there are two small orange logos; one located on the right leg and one on the back of the waistband in which are colour co-ordinated with the back zip pocket! The contrast of the bright orange against the navy breech makes the design stand out from the others without being too in your face, a perfect balance for a sophisticated look.

Is this Breech good value for money?

Absolutely, they are made of good quality material, which allows them to be thin, and extremely lightweight without being see-through as so many other lightweight breeches can be.

Would you recommend this Breech?

Yes, they are the perfect blend of practicality, comfort and style all rolled up into one breech. 

Euro-Star Universe Full Grip Ladies Breeches


Reviewer: James

Product: Euro-Star Camillo Full Grip Mens Breeches

What is your favourite feature on the Camillo Full Grip Mens Breeches?

The fit definitely. They fit really nice and with the fabric being micro multi stretch they don’t get loose anywhere on my legs. The silicon grip is also super grippy which is always handy in case your horse spooks suddenly.

When are you most likely to use these Breeches?

When the weather is warm, as the material is so thin but strong as well as being lightweight.

Is this Breech good value for money?

Yes, they wash really nicely. Usually a breech would shrink but they hold their shape really well. I have washed them several times now and the colour hasn’t faded which is good.

Would you recommend this Breech?

Yes, they are made from such a good material for dirt. They stay clean themselves, which makes a lot of difference especially with a dark colour as it shows more on them.


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