Kirsty Chabert is a British Event Rider based in Wiltshire, who has competed at all four European CCI5*-Ls. She won two CC14*-S in Ireland during 2022.

Who are your top horses?

“My top horses at the moment are Classic VI Opposition Loire, Opposition Aphrodite and Opposition Heraldiks Girl.”

When did you start to ride?

“I’ve been riding since before I can even remember.”

Was this always something you wanted to do?

“It was something I always wanted to do but I also wanted to be a Forensic Scientist. I wasn’t clever enough at school to do that though!”

What are your 5 favourite products from Redpost?

What is your most memorable horse-riding moment?

“It has to be when my mum dared me to jump a set of barrels on their side when I was tiny. There was no chance I was going to do that until a £10 incentive was introduced!”

Where is your favourite place to compete?

“Bramham has to be my favourite.”

Can you run us through how you prepare for the big shows?

“I try to keep everything the same. I’m strict on when the horses do their canter work and we’ve got a great gallop nearby where we work regularly. We know a system that works for each of the top horses.”

What types of off-horse activities have you found to have helped your riding the most over the years?

“I love my peloton bike and try to use it as much as possible. We also all take part in weekly PT sessions and I go to Pilates every Monday morning.”

What advice have you been given that has stuck with you the most?

“Treat every horse as an individual.”

Who has been the most special horse in your riding career so far and why?

“Opposition detective, my first 5* horse, showed me how amazing eventing can be. But Classic VI has given me my first 5* podium.”

Who is your greatest riding inspiration?

“It has to be Pippa and William Funnell.”

What are your goals for the next 5 years?

“To continue to build a string of top class event horses and hopefully enjoy some more big time shows.”