Meet the Tester

Cerys Withey is a brand ambassador for Redpost. She is a blogger with over 35,000 followers on Instagram. She competes regularly on her horse Brian, recently placing 5th in her championship class at Hickstead, and is enjoying producing her two youngsters Ryan and Mary. 

About the product

The Rambo Travel Series Rug is a must-have for those who reguarly travel their horse to shows and events. It has been specifically designed to offer the highest comfort for a horse whilst in a lorry or trailer, featuring a contoured quilted top section that is highly wicking, with cosy thermobonded fibrefill to keep key areas warm in transit. Perforated net sides allow for maximum airflow to avoid overheating.

Further details of the Travel Series include a shine enhancing lining on the shoulders and on the generously sized, extra-wide tail flap. A leather straight front closure gives a smart appearance, and combined with the wipe-clean tail cord, keeps the rug secure and in place.

What were your first impressions?

“I loved the style of the rug, the burgundy/teal colour combination is so smart. I also love how sturdy and strong the material felt, as a lot of travel rugs I have tried in the past have had really frail material.”

How was the sizing & fit?

“The sizing and fit were good, the 6″6 was slightly on the larger side for my horse but I’d rather it be a little bigger than smaller so I didn’t mind that. It fit really well & stayed in place too, didn’t slip back.”

How did you test the product?

 “I travelled my horse over 5 hours in the lorry down to Chard for a show with it on. I always get so worried about travelling my horses long distances in rugs as it’s not so easy to take them off if they get too warm, and with the weather changing throughout the day and my horse being freshly clipped it was a great test to see whether it kept her warm enough but without making her sweat. It did just that, when she came off the lorry the other end she hadn’t been sweating and felt a perfect temperature which is something I rarely can achieve!”

What was your favourite feature?

“I can’t choose just one so there are going to have to be two! One of my favourite features of the Rambo travel series rug is the fact that it has a quilted top section which wicks away sweat and keeps them warm BUT the sides are a mesh/net material to help increase the airflow and avoid them overheating.

The other features I love on the travel series rug is the extra wide tail flap, which is perfect for horses like mine who rub their tails when travelling but can’t wear tail bandages. Also the lining on the shoulder section of the rug is neither quilted or mesh, so you know your horses shoulders aren’t going to become too sweaty or be rubbed on the journey!”