Do I need to wear a body protector?

No matter whether you are eventing, about to back a young horse, or just going out hacking, body protection is of high importance and should be considered by every rider.

Designed to absorb impact from a fall or kick from a horse, body protectors are compulsory for some competitions. An increasing number of riders report feeling more confident – and therefore riding more positively – when wearing one in everyday situations from hacking to schooling over fences.

With increased research and technology, modern body protection is more flexible and lightweight than ever before, encouraging more riders to opt for a body protector. Not only that, but 21st-century body protectors come in fun, fashionable colours (or plain if you prefer), are quick and easy to put on, and don’t necessarily cost as much as you may think.

What is an air jacket?

At Redpost, we stock the industry-leading Point Two air vests, which inflate using a large CO2 canister in the front of the jacket. When a rider falls from the saddle, a lanyard attached to the rider and the saddle separates and triggers the CO2 to deploy. The airbag inflates in less than one-tenth of a second — roughly equivalent to the blink of an eye. The air vest then holds the rider tight for 15-20 seconds before slowly deflating over 2-3 minutes. While the air vest is inflated, the rider continues to have full movement of their waist, arms and legs, and partial movement of their head. It is recommended to wear a standard body protector underneath your air jacket.

Our trained fitting team

A good fit is the key to comfort and safety. Body protectors and air jackets will not protect fully unless they are properly fitted. They must cover all the correct areas without restricting rider movement. When purchasing body protection equipment, it is vital that you are fitted by a trained professional, as not all body protectors will give the same fit and could be ineffective if fitted incorrectly.

Our team of trained body protector fitters are always available in-store to help with fitting and will go through steps with you to ensure you leave well-protected. We will walk you through the different styles on offer and try on several different types in order for you to assess comfort and for us to check the fit. If you’re looking for body protector fitting in Devon, then we’re here to help. We also fit riding hats and riding boots, and you can have everything fitted at the same time to ensure you’re ready to ride.

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