Made to fit into any horse management program and backed by extensive research, Haygain steamed hay supports your horse’s health and well-being in many ways.

Haygain steamed hay’s positive impact on respiratory, digestive and nutritional health support peak equine performance. Haygain is relied on and recommended by Olympic equestrians and veterinarians worldwide.

Wish we had bought one sooner. The horses love it! Horses which used to be on soaked hay do very well on the steamed hay. Would never go back to soaking.

Scott Brash, Olympic gold medallist and Rolex Grand Slam winner

How can Haygain help your horse?

Respiratory Benefits

Haygain’s patented steaming system is the only method proven to reduce up to 99% of the respirable particles commonly found in forage. And it does so without reducing nutrients.

Multiple studies prove that respiratory challenges affect over 80% of active sport horses, often without obvious symptoms. The cause is inflammation in the upper and lower airways, triggered by inhalation of microscopic particles that irritate the lining of the respiratory tract.

Most of these ‘respirable particles’ are found in your horse’s forage, from dust and mould spores to bacteria and other allergens. Vets agree that the best way to reduce the risk of respiratory problems is to reduce the amount of respirable particles in the horse’s environment.

Digestive Benefits

Haygain has a range of dietary benefits by reducing the risk of colic and ulcers while increasing hydration due to a higher moisture content than dry forage.

Haygain steaming increases the moisture content in forage. More water supports healthy digestion and the passage of roughage through the digestive tract which helps prevent impaction colics.

Haygain’s proven appetite appeal helps ensure horses get much-needed nutrients. The saliva generated by chewing helps protect the stomach lining from naturally occurring acids that can cause ulcers.

Did you know? Soaking hay can increase the bacteria content by almost 150%, including bacteria that can contribute to colic. Steaming with Haygain helps to reduce harmful bacteria.

How do I use my Haygain?

1. Load forage into the Hay Steamer Chest and fill the steam generator before turning it on.
2. The unit will take around 50 mins to heat up from cold, and then forage should remain in the steamer for a minimum of 10 mins when the needle reaches the green zone (approximately 1-hour full cycle).
3. Feed fresh steamed forage to your horse or store up to 24-hours in a bale bag.


Haygain-steamed hay has more moisture than dry hay – in some cases three times the water content, which is brilliant for hydration and improved digestion. Good hydration is critical to all cellular function and encourages better performance.

Appetite Enhancement

Haygain’s proven palatability entices even the pickiest eaters to get their nutrients. This is especially valuable when travel stresses or illness might normally put the horse off their feed. With a variety of sizes and options, you can take your Haygain with you for stay-away shows, camps, and more.

Discover the Haygain Forager for the most effective and horse-friendly feeding system for your Haygain steamed hay.


Allergens can trigger symptoms ranging from inflamed airways and the related difficulty breathing, to nasal discharge and skin problems.

Respirable dust in hay includes mould, fungi and bacteria that are often allergy triggers. This is true even in hay of excellent nutrient content. By significantly reducing these particles, Haygain steaming reduces allergy risks and helps to manage horses with allergic reactions to these particles.

Benefits for you

It’s not just your horse who can feel the benefits of The Haygain Way! Steamed hay can have a range of benefits for your health and your wallet – click below to find out more.

Human Health: A study at the Royal Agricultural University, Cirencester, showed that 25% of people working with horses have a diagnosed respiratory condition such as asthma. Clean, hygienic hay contributes greatly to healthy stable air. That’s great for your horses, for you and for everyone who helps care for them.

Kind to the environment: Steaming hay uses substantially less water than soaking, a less effective and outdated method of reducing respirable particles from forage. Soaking hay requires between 60 and 100 litres of water, while Haygain steaming requires just 4 litres. Worse, soaking leaches nutrients from the hay and the effluent from soaking can be up to 9 time more polluted than raw sewage. Haygain steaming produces no environmental pollutants and does not reduce the nutritional quality of the hay.

Good for your wallet: Steamed hay’s appealing taste and texture result in less hay being wasted, while the benefits to your horse’s respiratory and digestive health can help you to save money on supplements, vet bills, and poor performance issues.

The Haygain range

The Haygain Forager

An equine slow feeder designed to encourage a natural feeding position, the Haygain Forager helps to avoid digestive and metabolic upset such as colic and ulcers. The unique design helps to regulate and slow the pace of eating; smaller bites increases chewing and healthy saliva flow, and it promotes good musculoskeletal health by reducing stress on muscles and joints, allowing the horse to eat in a natural downward motion. The Forager also keeps forage hygienically separate from bedding, while also preventing waste if you have a messy horse.

The Haygain HG One

The HG One can hold up to 8kg of forage, either in a haynet or loose wedges, making it ideal for those who are feeding one horse or pony, or for those looking for a travel unit to take to shows and events. Offering all of the benefits of the larger steamers in a compact, easy-to-transport model, the HG One is a must-have for those travelling to stay-away shows who want to keep their horse’s diet consistent.

The Haygain HG600

The HG600 holds up to 15kg of forage, either packed into haynets or in loose wedges. Ideal for at-home use for a small number of horses, or for transporting when travelling with a larger number of horses than can be accommodated with the HGOne. Steamed forage can be fed fresh, or stored for up to 24 hours in a Haygain bale bag.

The Haygain HG2000

The original and biggest of the Haygain feeder. The HG2000 can accommodate a fully strung bale or 35-40kgs of loose forage, making it ideal for owners feeding four or more horses. With wheels for easy movement around the yard, the HG2000 takes around one hour to complete a full steam cycle, and the hay can then be fed fresh or stored in a bale bag for 24 hours.