On a recent visit to one of our longest standing Redpost Riders, Alice Watson, we talked through some of the products she is reaching for this season.

Antares Precision Comfort Noseband Bridle

Alice trusts the Antares Precision Comfort Noseband Bridle for its exceptional quality and comfort. Crafted from premium leather, this bridle features a padded noseband designed to distribute pressure evenly, ensuring a comfortable fit for your horse.

Acavallo Gel Bit Guards

To protect her horse’s mouth, Alice relies on Acavallo Gel Bit Guards. These guards prevent pinching and rubbing, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit for the bit.

Eskadron Pro Flex Classic Tendon Boots 

Alice ensures her horse’s legs are well-protected with Eskadron Pro Flex Classic Tendon Boots. These boots offer superior protection with their flexible and durable design. The anatomical shape and soft lining provide maximum comfort and support.

Bombers Bomber Blue Pelham 55 Bit

The Bombers Bomber Blue Pelham 55 Bit is a top choice for Alice due to its unique design and material. The innovative mouthpiece, made from a food-grade plastic, is softer and more flexible than traditional bits, promoting better acceptance.

Abus x Pikeur Airluxe Supreme Riding Hat

Safety and style come together in the Abus x Pikeur Airluxe Supreme Riding Hat, Alice’s preferred choice for head protection. This riding hat features advanced ventilation for optimal airflow, ensuring comfort during long rides. Its sleek design and supreme protection standards make it perfect for both training and competitions.

TRUST Equestrian Inno Sense Flexi Soft Full Cheek Bit

With Alice bringing on a lot of youngsters at the moment, she favors the TRUST Equestrian Inno Sense Flexi Soft Full Cheek Bit for its gentle and flexible mouthpiece. Made from a soft, thermoplastic material, this bit encourages chewing and salivation, ensuring a more relaxed and responsive horse. The full cheek design provides additional lateral support, perfect for training and young horses.

Beris Tongue Port Tandem Bit

For horses that resist tongue pressure, Alice uses the Beris Tongue Port Tandem Bit. The innovative mouthpiece offers extra room for the tongue, promoting relaxation and acceptance. This tandem bit combines direct and indirect rein action, providing precise control and comfort.

Flex On Safe On Stirrups

Safety and performance are paramount for Alice, which is why she chooses Flex On Safe On Stirrups. These stirrups feature a unique shock-absorbing system that reduces joint strain and provides a secure grip. Their safety release mechanism ensures the rider’s foot is freed in case of a fall, making them ideal for both training and competition.

Explore these top products and more at Redpost Equestrian, where we provide everything you need to ride, compete, and care for your horse like a champion. Visit our website or stop by our store to discover the best in equestrian gear and accessories.