We recently had the opportunity to go behind the scenes at the yard of International Showjumper and Redpost rider, Chloe Reynolds, and were thrilled to see a selection of our products ready to hand for Chloe to use around the yard or on the go at competitions.

Kentucky Repellent Working Bandages

Chosen specifically for their repellent material, the Kentucky Repellent Working Bandages are not just stylish but also highly durable.

Equipe No Core Rubber Grip Reins Billet

For a reliable and comfortable grip, Chloe’s go-to choice is the Equipe No Core Rubber Grip Reins. These reins provide superior control and flexibility, enhancing communication between rider and horse.

Neue Schule Turtle Top with Flex Loose Ring Bit

Chloe uses the Neue Schule Turtle Top with Flex Loose Ring Bit for its innovative design that promotes optimal comfort and communication. The unique turtle top design provides stability and reduces pressure on the horse’s mouth, making it ideal for sensitive horses.

Catago HYBRID Tendon Boots

Protection meets performance with the Catago HYBRID Tendon Boots. These boots offer maximum support to your horse’s tendons while ensuring breathability and comfort. Chloe loves the balance of style and function they bring to her horse’s gear.

Flex On Green Composite Stirrups

Safety and comfort are paramount with the Flex On Green Composite Stirrups. These stirrups provide excellent shock absorption, reducing strain on the rider’s joints. Chloe appreciates their lightweight design and ergonomic benefits.

Acavallo Gel Pad and Rear Riser

Chloe’s go-to for saddle stability and comfort, the Acavallo Gel Pad and Rear Riser is a molded three-in-one gel pad with a built-in rear riser. Its non-slip and shock-absorbing properties provide a sleek, low-profile fit ideal for close contact saddles. The unique structure conforms to the saddle shape, allowing air to move freely for maximum comfort.

Beris Tongue Port Long Shank Pelham Bit

The Beris Tongue Port Long Shank Pelham Bit features a comfortable plastic mouthpiece with a steel core, encouraging chewing and salivation for better acceptance. The flattened tongue port promotes relaxation by providing more room for the horse’s tongue. With a classic pelham design, the long shanks apply pressure on the lower jaw and poll, suitable for stronger horses or those needing clear corrections during jumping.

Nettex Traditional Hoof Oil

Maintain your horse’s hooves with Nettex Traditional Hoof Oil. This oil promotes healthy hoof growth and provides a beautiful shine. Chloe applies it regularly to keep her horse’s hooves in top condition.

Carr and Day and Martin Belvoir Step 1 Tack Cleaner

Clean and maintain your tack with Carr and Day and Martin Belvoir Step 1 Tack Cleaner. This product effectively removes dirt and grime, Chloe relies on it to keep her tack in pristine condition.

Carr and Day and Martin Stain Master

Remove tough stains with ease using Carr and Day and Martin Stain Master. Perfect for last-minute touch-ups, this product ensures your horse looks spotless before entering the ring. Chloe always keeps it handy for show days.

Baileys Tasty Treats

Every horse deserves a tasty reward, and Baileys Tasty Treats are a favourite in Chloe’s yard. These delicious treats are perfect for training rewards or just showing your horse some extra love. Made with high-quality ingredients, they are a healthy choice for your horse.

Smart Grooming Plaiting Wax

Achieve perfect plaits every time with Smart Grooming Plaiting Wax. Chloe relies on this product to keep her horse’s mane neat and tidy for competitions. The wax provides excellent hold and shine, making plaiting easier and more effective.

Supreme Products Hot Oil

Give your horse’s coat a stunning shine with Supreme Products Hot Oil. Ideal for use after clipping or washing, this hot oil treatment restores moisture and leaves the coat looking glossy and healthy. Chloe uses it to ensure her horses are always looking show-ready.

Equipe Emporio Grackle Bridle

The Equipe Emporio Grackle Bridle is crafted from beautiful Italian leather and covered in calfskin, offering a stunning and elegant appearance. Designed with a padded browband and figure-of-eight noseband, it provides ultimate comfort for your horse. Featuring durable, anti-rust metal buckles, this bridle is perfect for both everyday use and competitions.

Acavallo Gel Bit Guards

Protect your horse’s mouth with Acavallo Gel Bit Guards. These bit guards prevent pinching and rubbing, ensuring a comfortable fit for your horse. Chloe trusts them to keep her horse comfortable and focused during rides.

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