We believe small changes can make a big difference.

At Redpost, we are fully committed to sustainable solutions for a greener future, including investing in solar energy, recycling procedures, and our Eco-Kind range. You can read more about what we’re doing below.


When browsing on our site, you might see some products proudly displaying their Eco-Kind badge. These are products that have been produced with sustainability as their key concern. Products identified and listed by us as Eco-Kind have been designed to be less damaging and reduce the environmental impact that products in their category normally would. Examples of this may be the use of recycled materials, organic materials, environmentally conscious manufacturing, or environmentally friendly innovation.

We listen to our customers, and endeavour to supply the products you really want. You can help to support our sustainability efforts by shopping from our designated Eco-Kind range, and letting us know what else you’d like to see! Our Eco-Kind products are incredibly diverse, including horse feed, rugs, rider clothing, tack, stirrups, first aid, pet care, and much, much more. You can get started with Eco-Kind shopping here.

Recycling Initiatives

At Redpost we are passionate about recycling! We recycle all of our paper, cardboard, glass, and plastic waste throughout the business. We also work with DCW Polymers, who collect our plastic waste to be recycled into strong, durable garden furniture and fencing. For more information on the DCW Furniture range, please email us or call the team.


Our mailing sacks are both recycled and recyclable, and our Redpost tape is made from 100% recyclable semi-crepe paper. Our carrier bags are made from Bio Poly, a photo-degradable plastic which will degrade in a few months in a conventional compost setting. We re-use as many cardboard boxes and packaging materials as possible for both storage and shipping, while any damaged boxes are crushed on-site and recycled. You might notice that we don’t include a returns form with our parcels – this initiative alone saves a pine tree every month.

Electric Vehicles

We offer free charging on-site for our customers’ electric vehicles, and we have invested in an electric forklift for moving pallets, feed, bedding, and forage around the site.

The Stable Café

If you come to visit us in-store, you might have checked out the delicious treats on offer in The Stable Café! Everything in our café is made fresh to order, minimising food waste, and most of our cakes and sweet treats are homemade, which reduces packaging. Our coffee cups are compostable, and our take-away food is served in recyclable paper bags.

Feed, Bedding, and Bulk Discounts

We offer bulk discounts on feed, forage, and bedding, to encourage our local customers to make fewer trips. If you are looking to order in large quantities, please give us a call or pop in to discuss.

Solar Energy & Electricity

When construction began on our new, purpose-built facility in 2019, we invested in a large number of solar panels to offset our use of electricity. Solar electricity panels consist of many cells, made from layers of semi-conducting material. When light shines on this material, a flow of electricity is created, which can be used by Redpost or exported to the grid. The cells don’t need direct sunlight to work and can even work on cloudy days – perfect for the changeable Devon weather! We also use automatic switch-off with all of our lighting systems, to conserve power.

Solar panels being installed at Redpost Equestrian in 2019