Kate has two horses, Sophy and Milly, who she competes in eventing and dressage respectively. Kate is also a member of the local riding club and shares her passion for horses with her mum.

The Abus x Pikeur AirLuxe Chrome Lady Visor Riding Hat is the ultimate choice for riders of all levels, developed to perfectly blend performance, safety and style. Tested to meet current safety standards (VG1, ASTM, Kitemark, PAS-ready), this hat provides high levels of protection in case of a fall, engineered with a lightweight, yet tough, ABS outer shell material.

I was excited to try and test this hat. It is tested to meet current safety standards (VG1, ASTM, Kitemark, PAS-ready) which I really value as there is nothing more important than safety! This means that it would provide high levels of protection in case of a fall which has the potential to be the difference between a few bruises and a nasty injury! It is reassuring to know it has been extensively tested and with this in mind, I would be more than happy to wear it for everyday riding, jumping, and competing. I thought that the overall look of the hat was very sophisticated but also a modern design with a wide peak.

The hat is true to size and the fit was fantastic. I do not think I have ever had a more comfortable hat on my head and often I could forget I was even wearing it! I am really impressed with the integrated Zoom Air™ system. It has a dial to alter the size and fitting which means its adjustable for a precision fit. I felt there were no pressure points, it did not pinch or give me a headache and didn’t move or slip. I had it professionally fitted in-store by a fully trained member at Redpost Equestrian.

I wore this hat for both short and long periods for all riding activities. I did not move or cause any issues whilst wearing it. It is so comfortable that I have often found myself wandering around wearing it after I’ve got off my horse! The wide peak is also fantastic in the rain as it shields the weather off your face so your visibility is not compromised – hopefully, in the summer time I will be able to test it in some sunshine where the wide peak is designed to reduce exposure of harmful UV rays to your face and neck whilst keeping the sun out of your eyes!

My favourite feature is the breathability of the hat and how lightweight it is. There are 4 main channels at the front of the hat, and 17 ventilation openings in total. I like that the insert is removable, meaning that I could wash it when required. These design features mean that your head is kept fresh and cool, and helmet hat hair really is a thing of the past!

I would highly recommend the Abus x Pikeur AirLuxe Chrome Lady Visor riding hat to anyone who is looking for a hat where the safety has been extensively researched but also does not compromise on style or sophistication. After riding in this hat for a month now I really feel like any other brand would struggle to compare. Within the Abux x Pikeur AirLuxe range there are different designs available so I feel there would be a hat to suit all!