About the tester: Kathryn is the owner of Lilly, a fiery bay roan 7-year-old mare. The pair regularly compete in showjumping, dressage, and eventing and are aiming to move up the levels.

About the product: The Equilibrium Stellar Safety Headcollar is an all-weather design featuring a reusable, patent-pending safety system that releases when needed to prevent injury to the soft issue and nerves on your horse’s face, poll, and neck.

What were your first impressions? “I liked that the headcollar looked smart and felt good quality material.”

How was the sizing and fit? “It fits true to size and is adjustable around the nose and cheeks with buckles”

How did you test the product? “Lilly wears the headcollar everyday out in the field as she can be hard to catch. It is waterproof and very easy to clean, just needing a hose off. I haven’t had to experience the safety feature yet but I like that it is poppers and not velcro.”

What was your favourite feature “I was looking for something more durable that would stand up to the weather more than a velcro style, and this was perfect. I love that it is dry the next the next morning. There is also a level of reassurance knowing that the product has been scientifically tested.”