About the tester: Eve, Redpost’s Office and Purchasing Manager, employed her 3 girls to review the Redpost Tee with their pony Polly.

About the product: The Redpost Original Tee is a stylish design, great for pairing with breeches or jeans. It is crafted from ethically sources fabric which is extremely durable yet super soft against the skin. The material allows superb freedom of movement making it ideal for active. equestrian and casual wear. It comes in Mens, Womens and Junior sizes making it perfect for the whole family!

What were your first impressions? “When the girls initially saw these t-shirts they thought they looked really cool and they were extremely impressed with the comfort and how soft it was!”

How was the sizing and fit? “The sizing was on point with the recommended size guide, with each size fitting each child perfectly. Ruby got the women’s XS and loved it as it was fitted to her shape. The two younger girls liked that it was comfortable and soft fabric.”

How did you test the product? “This T-shirt has been worn by all three girls for riding and casual wear. They have been to a trampoline park wearing it but also out shopping – it is one of their go-to tops.”

What was your favourite feature? “It has to be the level of comfort this top provides!”

Any other comments? “This top washes very well, even when we accidentally tumble dried one of them! Sometimes when you buy t-shirts they lose shape quickly, but the Redpost tee does not lose its shape, the colour has not faded and the logo is still as crisp as the day we purchased it, even though it has been put through its paces between riding, casual wear and motorcross.”