Feeding & Supplements

With increased research and development the feeding of animals has become more sophisticated – some would say feeding is an art! Whilst this has huge advantages for the animals’ health, it can make the process a lot more complicated than it once was. You may remember the days when horses were often just fed forage and bought a bag of oats. Things are now a little different – although this option is still available – and you now have many varieties of specific feeds that help with particular energy needs such as conditioning, competition, and veteran horses and ponies. You may be feeding with other health concerns in mind, such as laminitis, gastric ulcers, PSSM, and more. From mixes and balancers to chaff, forage, and straights, you’ll find all the horse feed and forage you need here at Redpost.

We also stock a huge variety of supplements for everything from equine calming to respiratory, joint care, and general well-being. Our friendly team can offer advice on everything we stock to help you find the right products for you and your horse.

Every member of the team cares for horses of their own and will often have direct experience of the product in question. The team will first ask questions to understand your requirements and can then recommend a feeding diet based on your needs. We also recommend contacting the manufacturers if you have specific questions regarding their feeds.


We also stock a vast range of bedding options including shavings, straw, wood fibre, Aubiose, miscanthus, and wood pellets. We can advise on different types of bedding to suit a variety of horses and ponies.


We are also trained and certified to sell horse, pet, and poultry wormers. Wormers are not sold online and must be collected from our Totnes store, where we can advise on the correct use and dosage of every wormer we sell.


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