UPDATE: JUNE 2022 Recently, Horse Aid UK planned to arrange another trip to Ukraine to deliver more essential supplies to the equestrian community. Unfortunately, a variety of factors including the cost of fuel and availability of transport have made this impossible at this time. As a result, Redpost will be donating the remaining funds to the British Equestrians for Ukraine Fund, in order to ensure all of the donations received can be put to the use for which they were intended. The British Equestrian for Ukraine Fund is spearheaded by British Equestrian (BEF), The British Horse Society (BHS), the British Equestrian Trade Association (BETA) and World Horse Welfare. Further updates will be provided once this is complete, however in the meantime if you have any questions, please contact us by emailing [email protected], or call 01803 812040.

Our Story

In response to the Ukraine crisis, the Redpost team are working closely with Craig Harris (Horse Aid UK). Together, we are arranging the transport of essential equine supplies for delivery to Ukraine.

The first load of supplies left Redpost in March, and with another trip planned for June, we’re redoubling our efforts to support those in need.

Many of our customers and surrounding local businesses have contacted us about buying feed and supplies to be donated. If you’d like to help, please read on to find out how to get involved.

The first shipment has arrived!

On Tuesday 15th March, the first Horse Aid UK lorry left Redpost bound for Ukraine. Thanks to the amazing generosity of the Redpost community, we were able to donate 11 pallets of feed and bedding to help the horses in Ukraine. There’s plenty more to come, so watch this space for more updates!

Redpost Director Ben Tuff with Horse Aid UK’s Craig Harris, and Charlie Bailey from General Haulage of Great Britain. Craig and Charlie will be driving two lorries full of supplies to Ukraine. Photo by Maddie Leishman.

Here’s what we’ve raised so far!

We’re communicating with those on the ground in Ukraine, which means that we can react to their changing needs. Our main concern is to send the what they need, when they need it. The supplies that we send could be feed, bedding, hay, rugs, first aid equipment, and much more. The first lorry left Devon for Ukraine on Tuesday, 15 March.

We are committed to getting the right feed and equipment out there; it’s vital that we prioritise space with every trip. The situation is changing daily; we can’t predict what will be needed most in the coming weeks and months. We’ve set up a fast and easy way for you to support the crisis. This will help the Ukrainian equestrian community to receive the right resources at the right time.

What can you do to help?

Rather than buying specific feed or equipment, you can donate through our website.  Please click here or use the button above. You can add any multiple of £5 to your basket to the value of your choosing. 100% of your donation will purchase supplies for Ukraine. Redpost will match the first £500 of donations, and Bicton Arena have also contacted us and agreed to donate £500. We’ll use the fund to send the most-needed supplies over the course of several deliveries

Of course, it’s not just the horses and animals that need our help. Thousands of Ukrainians families are fleeing their homes to escape the crisis. There are several organisations that are doing fantastic work to support these citizens. We feel that due to our expertise with horses, this is where our efforts will be the most effective. You can support some of the charities that are working with those affected by the humanitarian crisis using the links below, and read the government advice here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I donate second-hand equipment?

Everything we send from the UK will need to clear customs, and must go through rigorous inspections. Second-hand items can cause significant difficulties and delays at the border. We want our supplies to reach Ukraine as swiftly and smoothly as possible, so for this reason we are not able to accept any donations of tack or equipment. If you have second-hand items, you could sell these and donate the money to your chosen cause.

Can I buy specific items to be donated?

The situation is changing rapidly. To enable us to provide long-term support, we need to be able to send the right items at the right time. This means we need to be able to react quickly to the changing needs of the people and horses in Ukraine. We’re asking that you make a donation that will be used to purchase what’s needed most.

Is it better to send money direct to Ukraine?

The availability of feed, bedding, and other supplies in countries surrounding Ukraine is dwindling, and ongoing production and delivery issues are likely to get worse. Transporting goods from the UK means that we can help to avoid shortages, and we can send specialist or hard-to-access items that the equestrian community desperately need.

Can I make a donation by phone?

We’ve set up our website to accept donations, but you can also call us to make a donation over the phone. We’re grateful for your support and happy to answer any questions you may have. You can call us on 01803 812040 between 8.30am and 6pm.

How will my donation be spent?

We can assure you that 100% of your donation will be used to purchase supplies to be transported to Ukraine. We’ll send what the community need most for their horses; this could be feed, hay, bedding, first aid supplies, or other equine equipment.

When will the supplies be going to Ukraine?

The first lorry left Devon on Tuesday, 15 March. With a total of £1000 of donations between Redpost and Bicton Arena, plus thousands from our incredible customers, we were thrilled to send 11 pallets of feed, bedding, and supplies in the first delivery. Subsequent deliveries will be made at regular intervals, and you can stay up to date on our Facebook page.


If you have any questions about our efforts to help the people and horses of Ukraine, please call the team on 01803 812040 or email [email protected].