Since 2004, KASK has been developing and creating products that combine excellence and safety with innovative and unmistakable design. Titled ‘Anima,’ the latest additions to their impressive equestrian helmet range take their classic designs, such as the Dogma and the Star Lady, and adds beautiful Swarovski-patterned tops. These beautiful concepts are inspired by the soul of the individual, celebrating the deep connection one has with one’s horse.

“Every great adventure starts in your head. We take care of it. We create and develop advanced helmets that combine comfort, safety and design to look just as great as they perform.”Angelo Gotti – CEO KASK

Each Anima creation has evolved from an equestrian discipline and takes influence from the passion required in the sport, so that every rider can recognise themselves and their roots.

Not only are these horse riding helmets simply stunning, but they also provide exceptional levels of protection to your head in the case of a fall, meeting KASK’s in-house Rotational Impact WG11 Test requirements. This test identifies an objective method, based on scientific sources, for measuring the performance of its helmets against rotational impacts. The ‘pass-fail’ criteria is based on the BrlC value, an algorithm that defines the level of brain injury. This value must be lower than 0.68 (the lower the better); all Kask hats successfully pass this test, with values that are substantially less than 0.39.


The first design released by KASK from the Anima collection, Passage, has been chosen and worn by Charlotte Fry, a long-time KASK athlete. Charlotte conveys her unique and intimate vision, describing the Passage Swarovski pattern as an explosion of energy and calm, concepts that perfectly match the style and sophistication of dressage.


Worn by young athlete Kristy Snepvangers, KASK describes Waterfence as a design that ’embodies the beauty and strength of water drops, the iconic elements of obstacles in the world of eventing. The shades of Swarovski that adorn this helmet are as delicate as they are bold, evoking the very essence of the discipline.’

Made in Italy, KASK’s Dogma and Star Lady hats can be customised to match your personal style. Both the Waterfence and Passage Swarovski top options can be added as custom options. Please contact one of our trained hat fitting specialists for further information:

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