Find the best stirrups for riding with our complete guide. At Redpost we stock a huge range, so whether you need stirrups for jumping, dressage, eventing, or general riding, we’ll help you find the right pair for you. We also have a variety of safety stirrups for adults and children. With so many styles on the market, it can be tough to choose the right one for you. If you have any questions or need help choosing your new stirrups, please contact our friendly team on 01803 812040.

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The Acavallo Stirrup Irons feature a unique, stress-actuated locking and release mechanism located between the lower end of the outer, pivoting stirrup arm and the foot support plate/tread, which opens when triggered. Crafted from a durable aluminium, with either an aluminium or polyamide arm, and a stainless steel tread, these stirrup irons are lightweight and hard wearing. The springing stirrup bow and foot support are designed to minimise impact on the ankles and strong relief for your feet, knees and hips.

They look fabulous! The aluminium makes them light, but really smart. The tread is fantastic, and always keeps the feet where they should be.

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The Compositi Premium Stirrups are a great value product. They are lightweight and strong, made from hard wearing Compositi technical plastic and featuring a reinforced coloured rubber grip that is interchangeable, so you can coordinate your treads with your outfit. Available in adults and junior sizes in a range of fun colours.


The Equiline X-Cel Breakaway Jump Stirrups are a truly unique design, engineered to minimise the risk of your foot getting stuck in case of a fall. When pressure is applied to the outer arm of the stirrup, it opens to release your foot. The innovative shape of this arm also ‘scoops’ your foot out of the stirrup, to further reduce the possibility of it becoming trapped. Inclined footbeds with carefully placed metal grips help to increase security and encourage a ‘heels down’ position. All Equiline products, including stirrups, come with a 2-year warranty (T&Cs apply).


The Equipe STAF14 Safety Stirrups feature an innovative simple release system with no springs, hooks or magnets that are at risk of breaking or getting stuck. The system also does not require any tools to restore to its original positioning after a fall. The stirrups are constructed with Ergal, a superior aluminium alloy, with a silicone arm and slots to remove sand from boots while maintaining grip.

Absolutely love them!

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The Feeling Stirrups are crafted with a patented side opening with a unique HiFLex pressure-activated locking and release mechanism that allows your foot to come away from the stirrup safely in the event of a fall. The main frame of the Feeling Stirrups is made of aluminium, while the opening arm is made of special polyamide material, as well as the stirrup pads. The treads are in stainless steel which provides grip in all weathers.

The Feeling Stirrups are also available in a junior style, constructed from a high-tech combination of metal and a high-strength polymer, and featuring the same patented release mechanism.

We love our Arena Polypro Junior stirrups! They have many of the same features of the more expensive models but are so affordable. They are also light, grippy and really pretty. Very happy mum and daughter.

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Flex-On Green Composite

Flex-On Green Composite stirrups are designed with a single-piece steel core and coated with an organically sourced polyamide material, for ultimate strength and security. They feature a unique ‘elastomer spring’ shock-absorbing system designed to minimise the pressure put on joints caused by the movement of your horse – perfect for riders who suffer from knee and joint ailments.

Flex-On Green Composite stirrups are fully customisable with a huge range of colour options and footbed styles, and feature interchangeable magnets so you can switch it up.

They are worth their absolute weight in gold. I feel so much more secure in them as the grip is absolutely brilliant, and the width is spot on. Honestly could not recommend them highly enough.

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Flex-On Safe-On

Flex-On Safe-On stirrups are designed from the same materials as the Green Composite stirrups, with the addition of a flexible and retractable arm on the outer side to reduce the risk of injury; if you fall from your horse, this arm breaks away to prevent your foot from being stuck in the stirrup. The retractable arm can then be easily pushed back over the pin.

The Flex-On Safe-On stirrups are also fully customisable in a variety of footbed styles, with different coloured frame and arm options, plus interchangeable magnets – perfect for matching your stirrups to your latest look.

Love these stirrups. Made an immediate difference to my aching hips and knees! Love the selection of colours. Hopefully will never need the safety feature, but reassuring knowing it’s there.

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Flex-On Aluminium

Flex-On Aluminium stirrups are constructed in a single piece from a special type of aluminium used in aeronautics. This innovative design offers sophisticated bending which absorbs shock, with a tread that ensures better adhesion and optimal stability. Designed with a complex geometry for exceptional strength and lightness, these Stirrup Irons are a must-have for the serious rider.

Flex-On Aluminium Stirrups can be customised with the full range of elastomer colours and easy-to-change magnets for a unique style, plus different footbed styles.

I wanted a stirrup that would help with position, ease on ankles and knees, but I also wanted something that still looked like a traditional stirrup iron … these Flex-Ons excelled all expectations, the slanted foot bed and shock absorbers take the stress off all joints. 100% recommend.

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LeMieux Vector stirrups are machined from aviation grade aluminium, offering an impressive strength to weight ratio, whilst not compromising on stability. The ergonomic footplate features a cross-track grip surface with embedded hardened steel pins to provide maximum security of the boot. The footplate is supported by a twin balance arch system that distributes the weight evenly across the base of the stirrup frame.  The apex of the frame is recessed and off-set, encouraging a 45º outward orientation which makes it easier for the rider to locate the optimum angle for the foot and regain a lost stirrup. The Vector stirrups are available with either a 0º (Balance) or 5º (Control) footbed to suit the individual rider. Find out what Chloe thought of them in here Tried & Tested review here.


The Sprenger Bow Balance and Flexcite stirrup irons offer maximum comfort to the rider and help to improve leg and thigh position, while the ergonomic shape helps to release the foot in case of an emergency. Flexible in four directions, the stirrups soften the impact on the rider’s cartilage and ligaments while creating a stable feeling for the rider.

Tech Stirrups

The Tech Venice Safety stirrups are available in three styles – Adult, Pony, and Young – all offering a sleek look and an increased level of safety in the case of a fall. The Pony stirrups offer a smaller footbed that the adult, with a wider opening than the Young in the event of a fall, so are perfect for growing riders in that ‘in-between’ stage.

Featuring Tech Stirrups’ innovative safety design; a mechanical system that allows the foot to be freed when pressure is applied on the outer arm of the stirrup. This outer arm then returns to its original position when the pressure is released.

The stirrups are extremely resistant, ideal for all weathers and environmental conditions and it is manufactured with the best metals. Created with a 2.5° incline, the Tech Venice stirrups are perfect for jumping and cross-country to help you keep your heels down!