Molly is a sales assistant here at Redpost who enjoys competing in British Showjumping competitions on her horse Mojo.

About the product

Experience exceptional grip and comfort with the Ariat Tri Factor Full Grip Riding Tights. Featuring cooling and moisture-wicking technology, along with Ariat Hex Silicone Grip technology for optimal stability in the saddle.

What were your first impressions?

“The first thing I noticed was the sparkly detail on the back pockets of the tights. I do love a bit of sparkle on my competition outfits so was very pleased the tights had these feature without it being too in your face. I was impressed by the material as they had the lightweight feel of tights whilst looking like breeches. This made them incredibly comfy whilst looking smart”

How was the sizing and fit

“I had the same size tights I would in all of my other clothes, and they fit perfectly. They have a very secure waistband.”

“I wore the tights both at dressage and show jumping competitions. I really liked how the detailing on the back pocket looked for dressage as it added a bit of sparkle to my outfit. I then wore the tights show jumping and really felt the benefit of them being full seat. I felt secure in the saddle and will definitely continue wearing full grip tights in the future.”

What was your favourite feature?

“There are two features that I cannot decide between being my favourite. The first being the security given by the full seat. I was also really impressed by the material. Despite having the comfort of tights, they looked like breeches and were not at all see through which in white tights is incredibly difficult to find! Overall, I really cannot find a fault in these tights.”

Any other comments?

“I was also really surprised at how well the tights came out in the wash. I always manage to get quite dirty through the day and every time I have washed them they have come out just as white as when I bought them. I will absolutely be recommending these tights to people in the future!”