Chloe is Redpost’s shop manager and with 3 horses of her own (Daisy, Euros, and a Shetland called Sergio), she is always on the go.

The Sprenger FairRider Spurs are a great choice for sensitive horses, or those who have not been ridden in spurs before. Made from lightweight aluminium with a plastic neck, these spurs are gentle on your horse’s skin and coat due to the enlarged and smooth contact surface. The thin-rounded end gives a soft yet precise aid.

“I really liked the look of the spurs as they are really smart and neat- I loved that they weren’t just black”

“My Welsh D is a very lazy boy, especially when he is not fit and coming back into work properly after having a quiet Winter. He has never been ridden in spurs before so I thought these would be a good way to introduce them to him, he is quite a sensitive horse and you need to take your time with him – even putting a rug on or tack on needs to be done slowly. When I first rode him in them I was very conscious that I had them on and didn’t want to upset him, I gradually increased the pressure from the spurs while giving him other commands so that he was introduced to them slowly. He reacted very well to them and was not phased by them – in fact they had a good testing on some particularly lazy days! I rode him out hacking in them and schooling; he felt lighter off the leg and more forward – exactly what I was hoping for!”

“The shape and style of the spur makes it act like an extra piece to your boot and is kinder for those sensitive horses and anyone new to spurs”

“A great introductory spur – I don’t know if I will be riding him without them now!”