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Hat Fitting at Redpost Equestrian

Words by Redpost Admin

on 11/04/2015 18:22:05


Riding Hat Fitting at Redpost Equestrian, South West, Devon

The riding hat is arguably the most important item of safety wear that a rider wears. For this reason it is important that the riding hat is correctly fitted.

Nowadays, the emphasis is on safety. Protection from impact upon a fall – including the hat’s ability to stay in place – remains the number one priority. Manufacturers also consider that riders need to be able to see and hear clearly to enhance their safety while riding. Comfort is another requirement, which is why hats and helmets come in a wide range of sizes to fit all head shapes.

Even before hats became synonymous with safety, it was considered ‘bad form’ for either sex to ride bare-headed in public. HM The Queen famously used to don a headscarf and many work riders perilously exercised racehorses in flat caps. It all seems a world away now, but one fact still holds good. A riding hat keeps you warm in winter, while vented variations are available for summer shade and coolness.

Secondly though comes the all important look. Hat manufacturers have made huge strides in harnessing technology to bring every rider a choice of variously shaped and sized, comfortable, lightweight, smart and even colourful headgear. At Redpost Equestrian you can choose from a range of riding hats to complete your riding outfit.


You will often see riding hats sold off the shelf in a grab and go form. Not at Redpost Equestrian. Based in the South West of the UK, near Totnes in Devon all of our riding hats are fitted before purchase. We will help you to choose from the range of riding hats and will recommend the hats that fit your head best. All heads are shaped differently and thankfully so are riding hats. So it will often mean that some brands of riding hats will fit your head better than others. Our job is to work out which one that is!Redpost Equestrian - BETA Retail Member

All of our team are hat fitting trained and qualified. We stock all types of riding hats such as Skulls, Velvets, Vented Hats, Dial Hats and more. With many hat standards such as BSEN, EN, PAS, Snell, ASTM and many more as well as Kitemarks it is important that you purchase the hat that adheres to the disciplines you wish use it for. This can depend on whether the riding hat is being used for Showjumping, Dressage, Eventing or for leisure and under which governing body (BS, BD, BE, Pony Club, Riding Club etc). We can help with this decision and recommend accordingly.


We stock a range of riding hats from various brands. You can view the hats available by clicking on just some of the brands we have available below:

Charles Owen at Redpost Equestrian Champion at Redpost Equestrian Samshield at Redpost Equestrian Gatehouse at Redpost Equestrian Just Togs at Redpost Equestrian

Charles Owen Stockists

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Please feel free to browse our available riding hats available to purchase in store and online.


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