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Fly Rugs

Is it that time of year again when your horse needs a fly rug? Just as horses require protection from the cold and dampness of winter, they also need defence against the sun's rays and the annoyance of flies during the summer months.

Shielding horses from persistent fly irritation can be challenging. Opting for a fly rug ensures your horse remains content and healthy by providing comprehensive protection against these summertime pests. With a fly rug, you can have peace of mind knowing your horse is shielded from insects and skin irritations, creating a comfortable and stress-free environment for them to enjoy the warmer months.

We offer many fly rugs, including waterproof options suitable for Britain's unpredictable weather. Our selection includes fixed and detachable neck fly rugs which come in various colours and designs, catering to popular sizes from pony fly rugs to 6ft 3 rugs and over. We carry trusted brands such as Amigo, Rambo, Shires, Weatherbeeta, andmany more.

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Mesh Fly Rugs

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Sweet Itch

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Riding Fly Rugs

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Fly Masks

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